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The Golf Psychology Podcast

Jun 24, 2007

Golf psychology expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Patrick Cohn, explains how mental imagery in golf benefits golf performance. There are two types of mental imagery that most golfers use. The first is a visual imagery and the second is a kinesthetic imagery.

Learn when you must use mental rehearsal in...

Jun 17, 2007

This golf psycholgoy podcast teaches you about the importance of a warm up routine before a round. Mental game of golf expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, explains how you can use your warm up to get mentally prepared for a round of golf.

The pre-round warm up is a time to improve your golf focus, boost confidence, visualize the...

Jun 10, 2007

This golf psychology podcast will help you improve your mental game of golf for greater consistency with your shot making. Golf psychology expert Dr. Patrick Cohn, author of The Mental Game of Golf, outlines the mental game breakdowns that lead to inconsistency over the ball.

Plus, Dr. Cohn will teach you the mental...

Jun 3, 2007

This golf psychology podcast addresses the top mental game challenge many golfers suffer from - letting go of errors. Golf psychology expert Dr. Patrick Cohn underlines why dwelling on errors and frustration on the links sabotages golf confidence.

Additionally, learn how you can change your golf mental game to have...