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The Golf Psychology Podcast

Jan 25, 2009

Do you get upset with poor shots and your frustration causes more mistakes that leads to a string of bogeys?

Many of my students struggle with their composure after hitting bad shots.

Hitting a bad shot is not what's costly to your score… A poor reaction to a bad shot is costly because it can lead to more mistakes - due to frustration – and then "riding the bogey train!”

You want to let go of poor shots quickly so they don"t compound into more bad shots.

You’ll learn a couple strategies I teach my students to move on after poor shots. Check it out if you want to avoid the bogey train after mistakes.

My new mental game program for golfers titled, “The Golfer’s Mental Edge,” will be available next Thursday. I wanted to share a few details…

Using the 8 CDs and a workbook, you’re taken through my top 8 sessions I do with my personal golf students…

I’ve also decided that the first 10 people to grab by new program will get my GMAP assessment and personal mental game plan prescription. I’ll have more details next week.

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