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The Golf Psychology Podcast

Jan 20, 2009

Dr. Patrick Cohn, author of The Mental Game of Golf, Going Low, and The Mental Art of Putting, teaches golfers - of all levels - how improve their inner game of golf.

In this week's golf psychology video cast, mental game of golf expert Dr. Cohn helps golfers focus on the target instead of the trouble. 

Do you focus on where not to hit the ball? I know many of my students focus too much on where not to hit the ball…

"Don't miss the green and have a tough up and down,” you might be thinking. If you do this, you focus too much on avoiding mistakes or have an avoidance mindset.

You can"t play your best when you think about NOT hitting bad shots. You’ll tighten up and steer the shot away from the trouble. You have to focus on where you want to hit the ball.

I just posted a new golf confidence video to help you do just that...You'll find out if have an avoidance mindset and how to have a success-driven mindset.

Visit my Golf Psychology and Golf Confidence Videos.